About Endless Possibilities
Brilliantly Uncomplicated.

Finding a little more joy in life shouldn’t be a complicated thing. Contrary to what so many video game makers would have you believe, fun is not measured in gigahertz. Fortunately, there is a place you can rediscover several refreshingly simple ways to entertain, learn and even help bring a little calm and focus into your life. So let’s celebrate the genius of simplicity and help people find more of life’s simple pleasures –– and leave all the complicated stuff far behind.

Endless Possibilities is a family owned and operated toy company based in Southfield, MI. The business was created in 1987 when the Murphy children (pictured below) created the first Boinks toy by cutting and launching tubing into the air which was patented by their grandfather for the auto industry. This tubing can still be seen in cars today as an insulator covering the wires in an engine, along with many other applications. Endless Possibilities, Inc. now creates many toys for children, educational purposes, pets and more. They are committed to creating old-fashioned, clean fun…through a toy with endless possibilities — Boinks!

Members of the following Associations:
  • Toy Industry Association, Inc.
  • Education Market Association
  • American Pet Products Association
  • MSA – Museum Store Association

Awards received:
  • The Eddy 2014 Award for Fidgets
  • Smart Kids: Ed Expo 2015 Bloggers Award